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Trends in home construction in London

Construction is an essential aspect of real estate development. Through certain trends and changes in practices, construction can determine the type of properties that will be most marketable. While trends come and go all the time, some have helped expand real estate by providing new products that have helped secure even demographics that were not traditionally targeted by real estate marketing.

London is a premier region for real estate trends. It has a large and diverse population, which has necessitated constructors to develop a range of trends that seek to provide property for all Londoners. Some of the top trends in London today are listed below.

Small but spacious houses

The difference in wealth between generations necessitates that many younger people cannot afford large properties. Construction has identified the demand for smaller and more affordable units. In London, more properties are coming up with small but spacious rental homes, which are designed to appeal to the younger persons and those with reduced income levels. A key feature of this trend is larger windows and skylights, which give the units a magnifying effect.

The open kitchen

The open kitchen continues to firmly shape home design. While it replaced the separate kitchen a while ago, it had not yet been embraced to its full extent. In 2018 in London, the open kitchen has almost become a requirement with every unit. More people are customizing the hardware and fixtures in their open kitchen to give it a feeling of home.

Energy efficiency is still a necessity

For a prolonged amount of time, green listings have been performing better than regular houses in the market. More people are willing to spend above the market value in order to own an energy efficient property. Some of the features under this trend include water conservation toilets, touch activated faucets, low energy bulbs and alternative electricity programs. Going green could be the real estate niche that you’ve been looking for.

The outdoors space

In a congested environment, space can be a rare commodity. But the outdoors still retains its appeal, even when space is so restricted. It may be the reason why many constructors have taken up projects that include outdoors spaces. Your home may be mostly indoors, with an outdoors kitchen area or relaxation area. It is an innovative trend that may prove popular in a city where so many people feel they do not have enough space to experience the outdoors.

Smart housing

Advancements in technology continue to render it more and more important in our everyday lives. You need technology to communicate, keep up with the latest information, carry out business and a wide range of other activities. The number of homes that incorporate technology in their development is increasing steadily. Like the rest of the world, construction is also looking towards