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Solar energy might not be the brightest idea for your home

Solar energy has been touted as the next revolutionary aspect of real estate. Homes with solar energy equipment are less likely to consume high rates of electricity, which reduces overall costs and expenses. Solar energy is also clean, with no environmental impact at all. It has also been held as safer than most other types of energy, particularly in regard to impact on human health. Solar energy is considered clean, green and efficient.

Is solar energy really right for your home? It has some structural challenges that it cannot overcome, and is only viable in areas with consistent sunshine. It may be costly to implement if you do not already have it. Solar energy can be beneficial, but it can also be a drag. Here’s why you should not be too quick to take up solar energy just yet.

Electricity and energy costs are on an upward spiral. You may be experiencing the strain of current energy costs yourself, and are interested in finding better priced alternatives to your problem. On the long run, solar energy can reduce these costs significantly. The cost of putting up solar energy systems is so high that you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to finance the expense. Installing solar energy systems might require financial prudence, thorough bargain hunting and a long amount of time. Even then, you may only knock off a small percentage of the costs.

Solar energy is dependent on the weather. It works well for areas that experience strong and lengthy durations of sunny weather. It is virtually impossible to find places on earth with such distinct weather patterns that are also habitable. The only places with conditions that are prime for solar energy are deserts. You will most likely be inconvenienced by changes in the weather if solar energy is your main source of energy. If it has a back up, you will experience the high costs of electricity that you have been meaning to avoid, which beats the purpose of spending all that money on installation of solar energy technology.

It is virtually impossible for solar energy production to happen at night. You will need an alternative electrical system that will take over this function if you do not want to spend all nights in the dark after installation of solar energy systems. Solar energy is dependent on the sun, which does not last for more than half of the day. Your solar energy system will not be sufficient for your household’s needs.

Some advancement into storage of solar energy has already been made. You can store the energy from solar panels and use it later. This might help to work around any problems arising out of the luck of sufficient sun exposure or during the night. However, the technology is so expensive that it has not yet been sanctioned for public production. You may not be able to afford solar energy if you do not have a significant financial outlay dedicated to this purpose alone.